5 Things I’m Getting Over…Natural Hair Edition

5 07 2013

Last year I cut and combed out my locs, leaving me with about 6 inches of nappy hair. Before I wore locs, I pretty much only wore coils or two-strand twists. I NEVER moisturized my hair, except when I washed it. I knew nothing of proper hair care, and this time around, I was determined to learn. So I watched every video, tried numerous products, and spent hours trying techniques to keep my hair moist and healthy. But, I realized, these techniques are time consuming, expensive and sometimes unnecessary! So I’m over it. Here’s the list:

1. Defining my curls. Why? No amount of gel, pomade, water or butter will give my hair that curly curly look. It’s just the way it is.

2. Twisting my hair every night. I don’t have that kind of time. Plus, if I wake up and my hair looks like Don King, great opportunity to rock one of my fabulous scarves!

3. Pre – poo. Before I wore dreads, I knew very little about all these natural hair terms, pre -poo is one of them. So I began pre – pooing before every wash after the dreads were gone. Between pre – poo, shampooing, conditioning and styling, wash day could take four hours! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

4. Avoiding the trim so I can have length. So after I cut and combed out my dreads, I KNEW I needed a serious hair cut. But I didn’t do it. For a year, my apartment was always covered in tiny curly hairs because the damaged ends were of course, breaking. And my hair LOOKED damaged. Straggly ends, an uneven fro, it was a mess. FInally in March, I got about 3 inches cut off. It was shorter, but the hair around my apartment was greatly reduced. It’s just hair. It’ll grow back.

5. Hair typing. When I first learned about hair typing about a year ago, I was excited there was a name for my hair. I struggled to make my tight coils fit into a category though. I studied the descriptions of the type 4 categories, and none of them fit. So forget it! My hair is my hair, type Emma. And nothing else.




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