Jeggings. Ick.

9 06 2010

I surf shop when I’m bored. Last night I was on looking at jeggings. Now, I was aware of  these leggings posing as jeans in the fashion world, but why did you have to name them jeggings Express? The word sounds like something you do not want to say aloud. Like slimy. Or jiggly. Or Jello. (I have a problem with the word Jello. And the food.)

Secondly, fashion continuously makes clothes that most women have to squeeze into. I was so mad when skinny jeans came into style, until I found out that I could squeeze my hips and thighs and calves into them and look ok. I succumbed to the pressure. But jeggings? Once I conquer one fashion hurdle they challenge me further! Well, Express. I quit. You win. I am not wearing something that is named something that sounds gross.




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