Janelle Monáe

3 06 2010

I have to admit. I knew about Janelle Monáe’s album. I just chose to ignore it. Well, not quite. I sampled her music on iTunes and decided that it sounded to weird for me. I did not want to hear another genre bending album because I am still traumatized by Kanye West’s 808s and Heartbreak. What was that album? I’m sorry, but no one wants to hear you whine about something for ELEVEN effing tracks. Seriously. AND it was all autotune!  You guys don’t understand how much I HATED that album. Ok, tangent over.

So, I waited a full week before I downloaded  ArchAndroid. Biggest mistake ever! Because this album is awesome! There is a new level of creativity to her music. She borrows from many genres, pop, R&B, hip-hop, rock, even movie soundtracks. Some tracks  sound like it should be the overture for a epic movie. If you are looking for a poppy hit, listen to “Faster” and “Wondaland”, if you need a soulful ballad “Sir Greendown” and “Say You’ll Go” has it. “Mushrooms and Roses” transports you to a outdoor summer concert scene where everyone is cooling out. Her topics range from toxic love to achieving goals and staying motivated. Janelle Monáe is like the Outkast of Neo-Soul/R&B, and you can hear her influence from Michael Jackson, especially in “Locked Inside”. Whatever mood you’re in, this album has it. It is what lovers of music have been hungry for. Janelle Monáe’s ArchAndroid gets an A+. Stop whatever you are doing and download her album.




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